Some of the best teachers in the world live in Arizona. Many of us chose this profession because of an inspirational teacher, or class that we loved. The best learning happens when we have the best teachers. Unfortunately, many of these amazing teachers leave education.

It isn’t Just the Money

The Republican Party is the party of small government and removing useless regulations. Educators are being required to do more with less resources and time. The best teachers want to prepare outstanding lessons and teach those lessons to kids.

They Simply Can’t Afford to Teach

Teachers don’t enter the profession expecting to get rich, but do expect fair compensation.

In Arizona, the average starting teacher salary is $31,700. At school districts like Deer Valley Unified School District, no new teacher hire will ever make more than *$38,011.

Becoming a teacher is expensive. It requires not only a Bachelor’s degree, but also additional schooling, and certifications.

It is frustrating that no matter how much time, education, and resources they invest in their craft, teachers won’t move up the salary ladder in many districts. The Republican Party has always been one of rewarding hard work. Our current system doesn’t reflect our party ideals.