About Me

feature_aboutI am a native of Arizona. I currently teach Career Technical Education for the Deer Valley Unified School District. I have been teaching for 14 years at both the middle and high school levels.

As a student, I attended schools in the Cartwright, Alhambra, Washington, and Glendale Union High School Districts. I also attended Glendale Community College and the University of Arizona. I have a B.A. in Spanish and a M.A. in Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Married for 17 years, my wife and children contribute to my desire to develop strong schools in Arizona and Maricopa County. While my children attend public schools, I want all schools, public, charter, and private to provide the best educational opportunities to Arizona’s children.

I am a precinct committeeman in Legislative District 15 in the Dynamite Precinct.

Why I am Running

I will…

  • Bring joy back to education for students and teachers
  • Educate a future workforce so that the best jobs come to Maricopa County
  • Ensure tax dollars go to programs that benefit students most
  • Stop federal encroachment into local schools
  • Protect personal data of students and teachers
  • Promote community outreach and involvement
  • Train good teachers to be the best teachers

I love teaching. I love my students. I can teach for the rest of my life and be happy. However, I feel like I can do more. I want to do more. I want to help every student in Maricopa County reach their academic potential, and make our cities and towns examples of academic excellence. I want to bring joy back into the hearts of students and teachers.

The Issues


Schools can’t replace what happens in the home.

I encourage families to teach and learn together.

Most learning can happen in the home (I am not talking about homework). I want to reach out to families and encourage parents to read to their children. I want parents and kids to eat together, read together, and explore together. There are activities that parents and children can do together that encourage strong families and help kids grow.

Technology is changing the world. We are preparing children for jobs and careers that may not exist yet. My goal is to create life long learners that can change and adapt with the world around them.


Some of the best teachers in the world live in Arizona. Many of us chose this profession because of an inspirational teacher, or class that we loved. The best learning happens when we have the best teachers. Unfortunately, many of these amazing teachers leave education.

It isn’t Just the Money

The Republican Party is the party of small government and removing useless regulations. Educators are being required to do more with less resources and time. The best teachers want to prepare outstanding lessons and teach those lessons to kids.


Fiscal Sense

Fiscal Responsibility

Tax dollars are sacred funds. We trust our schools and education agencies to use funds wisely. We also expect them to be accountable to the public.

I will work to make sure that our tax monies go to the most worthwhile endeavors and maintain fiscal transparency throughout all levels of government and education.

Taxpayers want to give more money to education only when they are confident that current funds are being used in the right way.


I can’t do this alone. Please consider making a donation to my campaign. $5 or $500 – every contribution is significant.


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